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The Bad Chaperones are one of the best bands in the north country. They have played ever song that I have requested.

Nick Barnes reviewed Bad Chaperones5 star

awesome! deff good band nothing they cant play! deff good time!

“Nick and I could not have picked a more perfect band for our wedding reception at Saratoga National. This band came highly recommended by a musician friend. All of the band members were very accommodating and friendly. Their song list was abundant and they even took the time to learn a few new songs specifically for our reception. The band was able to easily read the crowd and knew exactly how to fill the dance floor. Once the dance floor got moving, there was no stopping it! All age groups were present on the dance floor throughout the night, which was exactly what we wanted. Our reception was over a month ago and we are still receiving such amazing compliments about The Bad Chaperones. All guests thoroughly enjoyed what The Bad Chaperones brought to our wedding reception!“

-Nick & Heather Curry Saratoga National, 6/19/15

“It is often said that the only thing people remember about a wedding is the music and the food. In this case, I’m sure the guests will remember the music! You fellows did a terrific job and really made the event. I have been to many weddings, but this is the first time I heard the guests chant “One more song!!”!

– Father of the Bride – Riverside VT Wedding

Many thanks to you and your band. You certainly did bring your “A” game! Everything I wanted and then you delivered more. Thanks for the encore too! You made our event great and I hope our paths will cross again someday!

Ford Dealership- Malone, NY